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System Change

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Recently in the U.K and around many other nations worldwide, there have been seemingly coordinated efforts to make effective protests illegal. This is not cool.

Freedom was built by protest. We should never be afraid to stand up to injustice, even when the unjust try to make protesting illegal. Peaceful protest is not passive protest. 

Free, loving peaceful people are the answer to global injustice and control. If you would stand among them then hold fast to your hope and keep standing for truth.

The world does not change simply because we ask it too.

It changes because we stand together, and demand injustice to stop.

This takes effective and conscious action, which is what peaceful protest is. 

There is nothing on Earth which matters more than Mother Nature. All of our worlds and constructed human systems depend upon nature to survive. If invented systems destroy nature then those systems must be stopped. 

Centralised systems lead to centralised control of the many by a few. Those who stand together for freedom will always rise above centralised control systems. 

Many are lead to believe freedom is inherent in the ability to vote, but it is not. There is no freedom in a system where all options show different faces for the same injustice.  We should not have to choose from people who lie to us. We can choose to evolve.

We can come together as a free human tribe again, regenerating organic and natural food forests to protect ecosystems and humanity worldwide. The natural evolutionary path of mankind is beyond all systems of centralisation is. The way of free souls.

Either we let go of broken systems, or they will eventually break the whole world. 

I choose to stand up and work with those who love natural freedom. To help protect this planet and regenerate precious animal habitat. Our dream is a free abundant planet where human beings peacefully thrive together. This will take massive action from a few and a little action from many, but it is possible and can happen.

Look at all these people together I see hope for the world. 

Let's work for massive positive change in our lifetime.